Cougar Indie-Pendence


Indie-Pendence For All

Cougar Radio started the Cougar Indie-Pendence NEPA Music Sampler in Fall 2011 with the goal of sharing the wealth of local, independent, and original music from Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Each year we solicit original recordings from bands and musicians throughout the region. Each act gets to submit 1 track. Their best, what they think best showcases their talent.

The staff at Cougar Radio evaluates all the songs submitted and picks the best to be included on the sampler. Genre is not a factor. Folk to Rock. Jazz to Country. Dubstep to A cappella. We’re looking for the best music, period.

What’s The Point?!

The sampler, when completed, will be sold in the region for as a fundraiser for a local charity (still to be chosen). They will also be sold at our annual Beats for a Benefit concert which, also, supports a local charity. You and your band get some recognition and local charities get to some help! Doesn’t that feel all warm and fuzzy?!

Let’s get Started!

If you think you’ve got what it takes and are ready to show NEPA how it’s done, let’s hear it! Get your best track, a photo of your band and a sweet bio and head over to our Submission Page. Submission Deadline is December 12, 2013 at midnight!

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