Backstage Pass: Lady Caress

The mere thought of an artist combining music, comedy, poetry, beat boxing, social activism, and theatrics all into one performance sounds nearly impossible – most of us are lucky to be able to do even one of those, let alone all of the above! One artist in particular, however, masterfully crafts together all of these factors for a truly mesmerizing performance – that artist is Lady Caress. Lady Caress stopped by Misericordia University on November 5th to showcase one of her acclaimed performances for us, and I had the pleasure to chat with her and learn more about her life and her work.

Lady Caress’ journey into poetry and music began out of necessity at a young age as a method to express herself. She was bullied and felt that she did not fit in, and poetry became her outlet. Soon she began beatboxing, and it was well received among her peers, forming a niche for her to fit in. She continued to hone her skills and began competing with her works. Her vibrant passion and unique talents made her performances loved by many, and she eventually quit her corporate job to go full-time doing what she loves most.

Naturally, Lady Caress finds inspiration in many places, but she cites a particular few in helping shape her into the artist she is today. One influence is poet Georgia Me, who had a big impact on her writing and her performances. A closer to home source of inspiration for Lady Caress is her family, particularly her parents and her younger brother, the latter of which she made music with while they were younger. “My parents are my world. They were my best friends growing up,” she enthused, discussing her gratitude for her parents supporting her passions.

Throughout her career, giving back has always been high on Lady Caress’ priority list. Lady Caress has designed and taught performance, poetry, and public speaking workshops for organizations such as Upward Bound, YMCA, and S.T.A.R.S., an organization which aims to bring extracurricular activities to at-risk youth. These workshops are key for getting these students used to speaking in front of audiences and gives them vital practice in doing so.

Although Lady Caress has been involved in poetry and performance for years, she still has many dreams and inspirations motivating her towards the future. “My number one goal would be to have a Broadway play with music and poetry,” She discussed with me, “I want to do performance poetry how it should be done.”

Aside from personal goals, she also has goals of reaching others with her performances on more widespread issues. Her poetry has themes of women’s empowerment, race issues and experiences in America, and Christian undertones. For instance, her recent piece “Protest and Anarchy” addresses a portion of the country’s current political climate, with topics ranging from police brutality, protests, to race riots, and is a personal favorite of mine from her works.

“Everything I do is for social change,” Lady Caress concluded, and make no mistake – her activism poetry is a vital and honest voice in some of the key issues of our world today, and is one of many reasons why her theatrical performances are an experience you will not forget.

Keep up with Lady Caress on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and check out her music on Spotify and her website, Watch her performance at MU below!

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