The Latest and Greatest in Music

Although my place is over in reviews, I could not help but feel the need to write about this wonderful time in music. It’s like the Gods are truly smiling down upon us bringing amazing new music for the New Year. Between albums and singles, there is so much music to get excited about! And if you are not already excited, I am here to provide you with the tunes to reach euphoria.

First, I have to bring you the latest Mumford & Sons news which is they’re third album has been brought to the light! “Wilder Mind” is set to be released on May 4, 2015. After a year and a half hiatus, the band is finally back and has made announcements for tours (including Bonnaroo) and they’re also bringing back their two-day stopover festival tour, “Gentlemen of the Road.” If you are a Mumford fan, you probably enjoy their boot-stomping, banjo-slanging sound, I know I love it. For the new album, there have been reports that the banjo’s are being left behind and replaced with electric guitars. I am not sure how I feel about this change just yet, but I love the band regardless (I’ve traveled over 8 hours to see them in Canada and have their lyrics permanently on my skin…). I can’t wait to hear the first single, hopefully they give us that soon, but not too soon because I am still very overwhelmed with all of this wonderful news thus far.

Next, Nate Ruess has released a solo single, which is not so Fun. BUT it is excellent, of course. “Nothing Without Love” is the title of the recently released single that Ruess said came to him in the shower. Not only does he make beautiful music, but he is also clean which is good. It does still sound like Fun. with the music and vocals, but with such a distinct voice I think it would be very difficult to separate yourself from that. I have a lot of respect for all of the members of Fun. due to the fact that they released a statement that they would only get together and make music when they felt it was right, not because they felt they had to, which in return creates more beautiful and genuine music.

Moving on, my personal favorite band, X AMBASSADORS, have released a new single titled “Renegades”! I wish you could see my excitement, because this is awesome. “Renegades” has a very different sound in which I can only describe it as if you combine Imagine Dragons and “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. This is just another song to be added to my playlist “Obsessed” which I am obviously not complaining about. Sam Harris said that a full length album titled “VHS” will be released this year from XA, and after hearing “Renegades” I am not sure what exactly to expect – I just know that it will be epic. Yes, epic.

Speaking of Imagine Dragons, they have released a new album titled “Smoke & Mirrors” which I find each song has a different sound to it. Their first album “Night Visions” had similar sounds throughout each track, whereas this new release tells different stories and emotions through the music as well as the lyrics. From the moment I heard “I Bet My Life” I was obsessed and knew the album would be amazing. I would have to say that my favorite track is “Polaroid,” which is just such a unique sound.

I know I am not a hip-hop guru by any means, but there have also been many new releases in the hip-hop world, and I am currently jamming out to Drake “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” Big Sean “Dark Sky Paradise” and J. Cole “2014 Forest Hills Drive.” And how could we ever forget Mr. West!? Kanye has just released “All Day” with Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom and Sir Paul McCartney, which I’ve also added to that playlist I can’t stop listening to…

I wish I had more time to list all of the music I’m excited about right now but I think this should get you started. Maybe I’ll be back again.


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