In celebration of SNL 40

I watched the entire four hour celebration marking the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live. I could not pull myself away. I was irked that Sarah Palin was interviewed on the red (blue?) carpet. But I was thrilled shortly after to see Eddie Murphy followed by more excellent cast members from decades past.

Throughout the broadcast, guests and members of the cast mentioned that Lorne Michaels was a stickler for rehearsals. That made me wonder about the musical guests. Did they have to rehearse just as much? Well, thank goodness for Youtube ’cause you can find anything on there. Some groups rehearsed time and time again.

Here are my favs.

Shiny Happy People, a song that could cheer you upon a bad day. It’s so uplifting and positive. No one dances like that anymore!

Here’s the Rolling Stones rehearsing a few different songs. I never knew that Mick Jaggar played guitar! Whenever I saw him he was singing and moving… like Jaggar.

Next up is Whitney Houston’s soulful ballad All the Man I Need. Listen to her! Even live she was perfect.

Stevie Ray Vaughn rocks in Say What!  I can listen to this all day! FYI…the blonde, Jerry Hall, had a very long relationship with Mick Jaggar.

How awesome is Pearl Jam?! Eddie Vedder has an amazing voice!

Last is The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, with You’re Missing. It’s just his fabulous voice, a grand piano and a harmonica. Beautiful.

Hey SNL…keep bringing on the music!

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