First Look: Kiko Milano

I am so excited to be bringing you an exclusive of three products from the professional Italian cosmetic brand, Kiko Milano. Kiko Milano has just recently opened in the U.S with 10 locations on the east coast. They are famous for having the largest makeup color palette made of vibrant and pure pigments. Their stores carry over 1,200 products to choose from of high quality at affordable pricing.


The three products we will be looking at are:

  • Full coverage concealer
  • Compact mineral powder
  • Velvet Matte lipstick


Here is the compact mineral powder in Peach Rose (100) and comes in 6 different shades. It’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. The powder is ultra-fine and helps to soften and even the complexion as well as sets the wake up for all day wear. This product is perfect for setting a full coverage foundation, and helps to brighten the foundation if it’s too dark.


Here is the the full coverage concealer in Light (01) and comes in 8 different shades. It’s a creamy full coverage formula specifically for hiding skin blemishes. The consistency is lightweight and non-greasy. I like to use this product under my eyes to hide dark circles.


The velvet matte lipstick is one of my favorite lipsticks out of my collection. My favorite shade is this one, Rosy Brown (610). It’s a silky satin weightless texture with moisturizing and soothing qualities in an opaque color. The lipstick has three properties: moisturizing and plumping, energizing, and aging prevention. It’s available in 15 shades and is hypoallergenic.

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