X Ambassadors Experience

After listening to X Ambassadors for over two years, I could not help but become overwhelmed with happiness when I discovered they would be playing at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.  It’s a venue that I have been to before and it’s only a half hour from my house.

I knew that I was going to attend, whether or not I had to go alone. Also in my mind, was the plan to interview the wonderful band members to get to the bottom of their music and thought processes behind their two EP’s.  I sent emails and texts in order to get closer to my end goals, which ended up happening. I was given the opportunity to interview X Ambassadors!

Fast forward one month, and I was in Stroudsburg sitting in a room with Sam and Casey Harris, Noah Feldshuh and Adam Levin, otherwise known as X Ambassadors. I had so much appreciation for these guys going into the interview. I found them to be such inspirational people both in their thinking as well as within their lyrics and music. I’m so thankful that I was able to express my true appreciation for X Ambassadors and learn the meanings behind their two EP’s, “The Reason” and “Love Songs, Drug Songs.” I felt like I obtained the answers I was searching for since I first listened to “Litost” from first EP “Love Songs, Drug Songs” (and was hooked ever since). I truly felt that there was a mutual appreciation between me and X Ambassadors. I never really felt such sincere gratitude come from band members before my experience interviewing this band.

A few hours, a delicious dinner and a piece chocolate cake later, I was standing in the crowd waiting for X Ambassadors to hit the stage. This is when my first true “fan girl” moment occurred. I was beyond anxious, but it was so worth the wait. When the lights dimmed and the intro music started playing, I had feeling of extreme happiness come over me. When the band finally took the stage, there was an overwhelming amount of energy to be felt. I got many weird looks because I knew all of the words and sang along at the top of my lungs. By the end of the show, the crowd was very intrigued. “Jungle” closed out the show, and it could not have ended any better. The atmosphere in the venue completely switched from beginning to end. Everybody was completely invested in the band  by the end. I looked around and saw smiles on everybody’s faces, phones in the air recording the show and “wow, they’re so good!” comments all around. I couldn’t help but feel proud and happy for the band. I want everybody to know and love this music as much as I do, and I believe everybody was enjoying the show. I think that the energy all of the band members brought to the stage definitely created a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all attending the show. Watching X Ambassadors perform, there is no doubt that they love what they do.

Attending the show after interviewing the band made such a huge difference in the whole experience. After hearing that “The Reason” comes from a place of fear and dealing with the idea of failure and “Love Songs, Drug Songs” was an experimental EP, watching the band perform these songs that I have much appreciation for was an insane feeling. I cannot wait until everybody becomes infected with the appreciation for X Ambassadors, because I know they will soon take over.

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