LUSH Dusk ‘Til Dawn Massage Bar

This is a part three of four lush product reviews of bath products.

Last time I reviewed a conditioner from LUSH. For those who don’t know what Lush is let me give you a little background.

LUSH is located in the UK, known for making fresh handmade cosmetics from organic fruits and vegetables, and does not test on animals.

Bath bombs, massage bars, and facial masks galore; all natural and organic products to make every skin, hair, body, face problem simply disappear.

This week we are reviewing a body product, because nourishing your skin is very important especially in these winter months!


Dusk ‘Til Dawn Massage Bar

What is it?

  • Perfect for romantic massages or just treating yourself to a little TLC
  • Gold-capped cone Sicilian lemon perfume of Sicilian lemon
  • Colombian cocoa butter
  • Ginkgo leaf and ginseng extracts stimulate your senses
  • Sweet wild orange oil
  • Moisturizing

First Impression

At first I was a little skeptical about this product. I didn’t quite understand how to use it. The consistency of the bar is quite firm and it’s a bit difficult to soften up. I figured the best way to test this product out would be on fresh exfoliated and clean skin. After I got out of the shower I took the cone in my hands and tried to warm it up. Once I got a side of it loose, I glided it all over my legs. Immediately I felt relaxed and tranquil. My skin was smooth and completely moisturized.

The only downfall I would say is the shape. This makes it difficult to apply evenly and to really work into the skin.



Overall I would suggest using this as a solid lotion or, if you’re willing, show your loved one a little TLC!

4 stars

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