Percy Harvin Traded to the Jets

By: Nick Vitale

In a shocking turn of events, wide receiver Percy Harvin has been traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the New York Jets.  It is rare to see a trade of this magnitude occur so far into the regular season.  The NFL has just entered the seventh week of the season so it will be interesting to see how much this trade will affect both the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Jets.

In light of the trade, there have been some reports of tension between Percy Harvin and some of his teammates.  According to SB Nation’s, Percy Harvin gave fellow wide receiver, Golden Tate, a black eye during an altercation that occurred sometime during the Super Bowl last year. Harvin also instigated a fight with fellow receiver Doug Baldwin in the week leading up to the final game of the pre-season this year against the Oakland Raiders.  During the regular season, an altercation occurred between Harvin and quarterback Russell Wilson.

Harvin has a history of poor behavior. When he played for the Vikings, it was discovered that he was badmouthing the starting quarterback, Christian Ponder.  Apparently, that was the reason why the Vikings traded Harvin to the Seahawks back in 2013.  In fact, the biggest issue the Seahawks had with Percy Harvin was his refusal to go into the Dallas game late in the fourth quarter.  Harvin missed 11 of the Seahawks final 17 snaps in that game.

It is difficult to say whether or not the trade is going to majorly affect the Seahawks offense.  The Seahawks have the second worst passing offense in the NFL.  This means that Harvin was not a contributing factor to the offense even when he was out there playing.  This season Harvin has had only 22 receptions for 130 yards.  He has also had 11 rushing attempts for a total of 94 yards.  It is shocking that Harvin’s numbers are so low over the course of six games this season.

Clearly Percy Harvin has not had the best season this year which means his performance with the Jets is also questionable.  If Geno Smith can get the ball to Harvin frequently then maybe he could be a threat.  However, Harvin averages about six yards per catch which is not the best, but he can move quickly which makes him a threat down field.  The Jets could also utilize Harvin in the back field to improve their running game.  With the Seahawks he was averaging about 8.4 yards a carry.  The Jets already have a pretty solid running game so Percy Harvin can only add to their arsenal.

The main concern regarding Harvin going to the Jets is whether or not Geno Smith is going to be a better fit for Harvin than Russell Wilson.  Wilson would throw the ball behind Harvin often and that led to a few of the frustrations that Seattle has been experiencing on offense.  If Geno Smith can stay accurate with his passing and get Percy Harvin the ball we might see a different Jets offense next week.  Harvin also needs to be able to get open when he runs short routes and Smith needs to target him downfield in order for the Jets’ offense to be able to use Percy Harvin effectively.  The Seahawks will reportedly get a conditional mid-round draft pick in exchange for Harvin.  They owe Harvin $41.5 million over the next four years.

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