LUSH American Cream Conditioner

This is a part two of four lush product reviews of bath products.

Last week I reviewed a shampoo bar from LUSH. For those who don’t know what Lush is let me give you a little background.

LUSH is located in the UK, known for making fresh handmade cosmetics from organic fruits and vegetables, and does not test on animals.

Bath bombs, massage bars, and facial masks galore; all natural and organic products to make every skin, hair, body, face problem simply disappear.

This week we are reviewing another hair product, because well, if you’ve seen me, my hair is everything to me.


American Cream Conditioner

What is it?

  • Medium-strength conditioner for soft, shiny locks
  • Honey
  • Lavender
  • Fresh oranges
  • Fresh Strawberries rich in Vitamin C

In the Shower

When I first used this conditioner I was skeptical on how much I needed. Usually my hair would feel smooth as soon as I would massage it in, but with American Cream it still felt stiff and knotty.

I was afraid that I would have to use the entire bottle to get my hair to a manageable state. However, because it was a new product and a product made with such all natural ingredients, I decided to follow the instructions.

I squeezed a proper amount in my hands and applied it to my problem areas first. Conditioners are used to put oils back into the hair and rehydrate the strands, so I focused on the shaft of my hair. For those with long hair, this is the section that would be pulled back in a ponytail. Since new hair grows at the scalp and gets nourishment from the scalp, product does not need to be applied to it. However, the shaft is considered to be old hair, so it needs a little extra love.

I massaged the conditioner through my hair focusing on the shaft. I rinsed my hair out with lukewarm/ cold water to lock nourishment into the strands.

After the Shower

Combined with the ingredients from the Seanik bar, my hair smelt like fresh strawberries and salt water. I loved it! Normally when I brush my hair I have to use two orthree different oils to get it to detangle. After using the American Cream conditioner, I no longer need to use the oils to detangle my hair. It conditions so well, my hair is knot free!


I purchased the smallest size bottle to test the conditioner, and I’ve used about three quarters of the bottle, lasting me almost two months. The only downside is because I have to use a reasonable amount since I have such long hair the bottle won’t last me very long. Aside from the size of the bottle and price, the actual product does wonders for your hair.

4 stars

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