LUSH Seanik Shampoo Bar

This is a part one of four lush product reviews of bath products.

Over the summer, all of my beauty product dreams came true. At last, the company that every YouTube beauty and fashion guru raved about was coming to the mall in my hometown.


Based in the U.K., Lush is known for making fresh handmade cosmetics from organic fruits and vegetables that are not tested on animals.

Lush is famous for bath bombs, massage bars, and facial masks. These all-natural and organic products were at the edges of my fingertips. Let’s just say I did some serious damage to my wallet.

For weeks now, I have been testing these products to see if they size up against their high praised reviews.


The Seanik Shampoo Bar

What is it?

  • Irish moss seaweed & Japanese nori seaweed: for silky smooth softness
  • Sea salt: for volume
  • Lemon oil for shine: extra shine and scent
  • Fragrance of mimosa and jasmine: scent of smelling oh so good

In the Shower

The first time I used the Seanik shampoo bar, I didn’t have much luck. I came out of the shower with my hair still feeling as gross and greasy as it was when I went in. The sales associate told me to rub the bar around my head three times. I followed her instructions but the bar did not lather or produce suds. I was starting to think Lush wasn’t as hype as it was made up to be. Turns, out I was using it wrong.

I looked on the website and on the shampoo bar page they have a ‘how to use’ section, explaining how to use the product. Once I understood the product a bit more, I gave the Seanik bar another chance. During round two, I put the bar under the water and rubbed it between my hands. Guess what! I started to see suds! I rubbed the bar around my head and my hair was lathered and full of soap. The idea of rubbing a bar of shampoo onto your head really helps to clean the scalp and get every strand of hair clean. I rinsed out my hair and it felt normal again! (By normal I mean, a bit stiff, full of knots, but it felt clean).

After the Shower

Once I rung out and brushed my locks, my hair was silky smooth and smelt like the ocean.The ingredients really do leave a reminisce of a tropical paradise by the sea. There were no oily spots, or any soap particles left in my hair.


I bought the shampoo bar in August and it’s only slightly smaller in size.  It cleans hair efficiently and my hair feels healthier then it was when I was using standard shampoo and  conditioning products.

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