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Hey guys!

Nicole here. I’m about a month into my senior year and let me just say- wow!
Time is flying by. Someone slow it down!
I recently got my own car and I have ALL of my cds in it. I have been playing cd roulette and have been reminiscing.
Isn’t it funny how one song can take you back to the first or fifth or hundredth time listening?
I have many mix cds (like a mix tape) from my junior/senior year of high school as well as the earlier ones from middle school.
I can put in the 500 Days of Summer cd and think about all of the times I spent watching it.
I can put in my Yellowcard cd and it feels like senior year all over again.
I can put in my “Gangsta” mix and I’m twelve again, HAHA.
Or if I’m feeling nostalgic, I have Hilary Duff or Ashlee Simpson to listen to.
It’s like a time machine in my backseat!

So…I know you’re wondering what I’ve been listening to.
I have found “NEPA’s Only Alternative Station” Fuzz 92.1 and I am in love.
85% of my time in the car is spent listening to this station.

And when I’m not  listening to Fuzz, I’m flipping in between Top 40 stations.

As much as I’m embarrassed to admit, I have been not turning off Tay Swift’s “Shake It Off”.
It’s like a jolt of caffeine in the morning, and it’s great to dance to. “Bakers gonna bake!”

What are you guys digging right now? What bands do you recommend? Let’s have a conversation.

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