Destined for Greatness

I’ve got an addiction, and surprisingly I’m not referring to one of my many weekend vices. This addiction however, will be accompanying me throughout this hectic school week and my impending weekend indulgences…

This very peculiar addiction has manifested itself boisterously inside my boat/car hybrid, it’s discovered the hospitality of my iPhone’s home-screen, and has rightfully gained some heavy rotation among the airwaves at CougarRadio…

This addiction is the upcoming rapper “Truth’s” latest hit-single “I’m On.”

Truthfully, I’m concerned I might even catch a charge from all the abuse I’ve inflicted on my battered replay button.. But the witty bar’s within Truth’s “I’m On” have me hypnotized, with no intention of stopping soon.

If you aren’t familiar with the rising Philadelphia spitter, my best advice is to reserve your spot on the bandwagon while there’s still some seating available.

As even blind eyes could see that Truth is truly a star in the making. His unique musical talent’s shine in every setting, creating a bright predestined route towards hip-hop super stardom. 

However, this route was not always as promising as the present. Rising from dark and humble beginnings, Truth uncovered his uplifting passion for music at the innocent age of 5. 

Since his youth, Truth has carried his infectious style to the forefront of his music, “I’m On” being a prime example.

The instrumental to Truth’s latest single is a match made in heaven for party people married to the nightlife. And from a DJ’s perspective, it screams club anthem from start to finish.

And the hook couldn’t be catchier, sticking itself inside my brainwaves like heavy duty super-glue, evoking memories of Lil Wayne in his prime, while showcasing the comparable stylistic success both artists possess…

Truth be told, if you’re having an off day, blast “I’m On” and I guarantee your worries will be laid to rest. 

But don’t sleep, Truth’s upcoming mixtape “Doing What They Said I Couldn’t” is expected to release this Easter, and is sure to pave the path to Truth’s rightful stardom. 

In the meantime, get yourself as addicted as I am to Truth’s latest single “I’m On.” 

It’s already been written in the stars, you don’t want to sleep on the Truth. 

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