I’m so excited

and I just can’t hide it.
So instead, I’ll write about it. I have ALWAYS loved school. This time of the year is so exciting! Only 14 more days until I’m back in Dallas, PA. It’s amazing that I am this excited to start my senior year, and I’m not bummed at all for my “last” summer to end. I’ve still got a lot of adventures left!
But anyways, I’d like to share with you a classic back to school playlist, compiled by sites such as Global News, The Nation, and the ever so popular Wikipedia.

We’re Going to Be Friends-  The White Stripes

For those of you just entering college, this song is perfect for you! You’ll be making a lot of friends this year. As for me, I’ve got my solid set of friends, but I’m willing to make more. Come hang out with me in the radio station and we can talk about what sounds good.

Be True to Your School- The Beach Boys

I recently found one of my Caesar Rodney soccer hoodies from middle school. You better believe it will be coming back to school with me. I’ve got a lot of Delaware pride. Most of the people I have met in Dallas that are from Delaware are just as prideful as me. 302! And I am just as prideful for little ol Dallas when I’m back home. I’ll bleed blue and gold for life.

College Kids- Relient K

“Someone please save us, college kids!”

I Love College- Asher Roth

Party song 101.

I Hate College- Sammy Adams

see above.

and then these just made me laugh:
Wake Me Up When September Ends, Greenday. Here I Go Again On My Own, Whitesnake. We’re Not Gonna Take It, Twisted Sister.


How do you feel about school? Do you wish we had an eternal summer? Let me know!

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