The Hardest

So can you spit for me,” was one our the first exchanges as I introduced myself to Ruga on a dim winter evening outside of the New Jersey rappers apartment complex.

Just a few minutes prior, I was chauffeuring a friend home after a days work in the world of retail. As usual, we discussed our rash romantic rendezvouss and music…The two things that bring the most excitement to our young adult lives.

During our ride, he questioned me about my ongoing progress as a Radio executive. I answered acknowledging both my progress and the complications connected to contacting capable artists with a captivating stage presence.

And within an instant, my chauffeured companion remembered I awaited to be acquainted with Ruga, an artist who he vocally vouched for on numerous occasions.

Fortunately for me, the two are mutual friends who share the same apartment complex. And for that, I was introduced to Ruga, accompanied with a quick sixteen that same night without any complications..Good karma at it’s finest.

After my first run in with Ruga, I couldn’t help but applaud his undeniable talents. Unweary and straightforward, his style was polished to a point of respectable admiration, able to prove right then and there why “the hardest” is rightfully added to the end of his stage-name.

His hardcore sixteen was evidence of his rooted artistry, which began battling for supremacy as a New Jersey freestylist. During our interview, Ruga shared that his beginnings as a freestyle artist led to both positive feedback and the support of his peers.. Alongside a controversial feature on BET’s Freestyle Friday’s.

Following this feedback, Ruga decided to pursue his musical talents in a more “serious” manner, which eventually led to the development of “Section 8 Records.”

Overall, Ruga is an artist who is both “lyrical and diverse,” showcasing musical themes that originate “from the heart.”

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