They’re Knocking On The Door

Do the names Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire ring a bell? How about Jason Giambi, David Ortiz, or Andy Pettitte? If you guessed they used steroids and were named in the famous Mitchell Report, you are right! If you guessed they are not in the hall of fame either (Pettitte eligible in 2018), you’re right again!

Something is wrong here. How does a pitcher named Roger Clemens who won and MLB record seven Cy Young Awards (most in MLB history), 1986 AL MVP, two-time World Series champ, among other incredible stats, does not get recognized for getting into the Hall of Fame?

What about Bonds? The man set records of most career home runs with 762, MLB record 73 home runs in a season, and seven MVP’s.

Photo Courtesy of ESPN
Photo Courtesy of ESPN

Sure the list of names is linked to using performance enhancing drugs, but what has baseball done to for these men? They still got all their lifetime savings from the game, they still have all of their awards and records in baseball, and most importantly, they never served a suspension.

They were doing steroids when baseball did NOT have a policy in place for those who did PED’s. They have been banned from baseball since 1991, but MLB did not do a thing about it. The Mitchell Report came out, and baseball never looked to suspend them or do anything to consequence the players for their actions. They simply let them play their game, and when MLB started randomly testing players, none of them tested positive for such.

If the commissioner and team owners were willing to leave the players go and play the game and get every penny that comes with it, then why in the world should they be banned from the Hall of Fame? The hall resembles the best talent the game has to offer, and you cannot tell me that nobody enshrined in Cooperstown never cheated a day in their life. For goodness sakes, Ty Cobb would sharpen his cleats and hope to hurt an opposing player every time he was out there.

The records many of the players set both league and team wise is something players today are chasing. There are no asterisk’s next to their stats in any record book, only in the ignorant fans minds.

Photo Courtesy of ESPN
Photo Courtesy of ESPN

If a player were caught cheating today such as Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez, I still say they belong in the Hall of Fame if their numbers are worth it. Again, baseball never banned them from the game. They were suspended. They still keep the money they are owed and they continue to reach milestones many can only imagine in their back yards with their fathers, or heck, I’m sure the fathers are still imagining themselves doing all the heroics.

The only way you can get me to agree a player should not be enshrined in Cooperstown is if baseball were to put a banning on players who do it after their first offense. What the voters are doing is essentially saying no to anybody who is convicted or questionable for using PED’s. That’s nearly as bad as saying no to a player who was suspended for using pine tar and still went on and won 250 games and couple of World Series. But they would not do that, would they?

Time to let the big names of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s into the hall of fame. Then again, baseball was the most exciting to watch during those times thanks to all of those who were doing what was legal at the time and making it exciting.

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