Forever Young

As the days go by, I often shudder at the memories of my distant youth. It seems that so much has changed since my teenage years.

Approaching my early twenties along with the realization that I will soon be completing my undergraduate degree serves as a terrifying reminder…I’m getting old..
Luckily, Scranton rock band knows age is just a number, they’re forever “Young At Heart.”
So who is Young at Heart? Here’s a quick lineup:
George Yurchak with vocals, both Eddie Collins and Chris Ventura as vocalists and guitarists, bassist Kyle Williams, and drummer Jerry Bruno.
Now that you know Young At Hearts names, I’ll let you in on their music.
My first encounter with their latest self-entitled album immediately put this aging college chick in a melodic time machine, in route to my forgotten middle school years, where I was rocking out in Element and Etnies, pretending my hardest to be a rockstar skater girl..Okay, you got me,I idolized Avril Lavigne.
A few moments was all it took while listening to the youthful groups “If Daryl Dies, We Riot”  to draw a reminiscent and respectable comparison to the punk band, New Found Glory.
Equally glorious is Young at Heart, whose energetic presence is flowing within every aspect of the album.
 Their music is “more straightforward” following the groups rebranding from Terror on the Screen, who once boasted a “heavier” more “aggressive” tone. Their artistry now, can best be described as uplifting, upbeat, and vibrantly youthful.
Truth be told, Young At Heart’s latest EP proves that some musical styles are infinite, as their timeless punk rock style progresses throughout.
Really, as I’m writing this feature story, I can’t help but rhythmically tap my feet, (in case you’re wondering, I’m no longer in Etnies)to the beat of “The Prowl”…Please believe that the middle school me is yearning to jump right into a unforgiving mosh-pit and crowd surf as their questioning chorus “How do you sleep girl” builds along the songs climax.
Moral of the story, don’t sleep on Young At Heart.
Check out their latest EP which is currently  available on and iTunes.
And keep your eye out for their next album, which is “in the early stages.”
Rest assured these guys know how to keep the music of our youth alive and well. Hopefully, I too will learn how to remain just as young as these hearts through their lively music. Rock on guys.

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