Bond’s Will Set Another Example

First off, I just want to say good for Barry Bond’s to get back to the game he dominated with his left handed swing for twenty years.

Serving as a roving instructor for his former team, the San Francisco Giants, he teaches a team that is fairly young and could learn a thing or two on offense the keys to success.

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I know, I know, the first thing people thing of are steroids, but I say give it a rest. Who cares what the man did during his playing days? It already cost him the ultimate prize for a successful career, a plaque hanging in Cooperstown. Why take the game entirely away from the man?

Steroids does not help someone time a pitch and do the most difficult thing in sports- put a round bat on a round ball. Yes, it helps an individual get stronger faster, but that’s it.

No, I’m not saying their right and should be done. I think the justice is right. However, remember most of these players did it before baseball has any rules in place for performance enhancers.

Mark McGwire is known for steroids, but he managed to get out of the spotlight and served as the St. Louis Cardinals hitting coach 2009-2012 and now does the same role for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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If McGwire, who does not have the same credentials as Bonds gets a chance to mold today’s baseball players, then why can’t Bonds?

The same goes for fireballer Roger Clemens. The man has over 300 wins and though he did steroids, they didn’t help him learn pitches and where to throw the ball. In the end, it comes down to brains- studying the game and those who play it.

Bonds much like the vast majority of players accused of steroid use in the 90’s and early 00’s, has much to offer to the younger generation. They may have made a decision they will pay the cost of for the remainder of their lives seeing many of their former teammates and oppositions getting plaques in the Hall of Fame, but they can still do some good for the game.

Heck, maybe even share some advice for not doing anything that will jeopardize their images or hurt their careers now that there are more penalties in place for those who use PED’s. Or maybe they can turn to Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun as examples of what not to do these days.

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