Just Listen

You’re driving down the road, listening to the radio.
It’s quiet so you turn it up. the music begins, almost like a running beat. You feel your adrenaline rising when the lyrics come in
“Where the streets have no name”
and suddenly you feel like running.
You feel like speeding down the road, going faster to reach the finish line or the mile marker,
wherever you’re trying to go.
And then you’re reminded in the power of music.
How it can make hundreds of strangers feel comfortable enough to stand side by side and sing a long
or can fill a silence greater than any words you can say. How it can wake you up with a smile or relax you to sleep.
How it can reflect every emotion. How it can make you feel something you’ve never felt before.
And it’s always been there for you.
What mom liked when you were in the womb felt good to you,
and once you were born you heard lullabies.
You learned the alphabet by singing your ABC’s. You learned the 50 states by singing 50 nifty.
You learned head and shoulders in French.
Music was there when you entered the world and music will be there when you leave the world.
It defines who we are and the moments we have.
And what a beautiful thing it is.


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  1. mary battista

    music can also decrease pain, stress, insomia,and anxiety. please email this to me. i would like to use as part of a presentation, with
    your permission..absolutely great blog.

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