What’s Going on?

Hey guys,

So this week I have been feeling tired and uninspired but thankfully it is now spring break.
Funny that there’s snow on the ground and I can see my breath in the air when spring break usually means sunshine and warmth but that’s Dallas for ya.
I love the snow but IT’S TIME FOR SPRING.

I have been thinking a lot lately about internships and where I would like to go once I graduate.
There is one thing I am absolutely certain about: I want to work in music.
I really like my gig here at Cougar Radio: listening and adding tracks, charting, keeping contact with record labels and writing blogs.
I want to be constantly surrounded by music.
I want to get paid to go to concerts and talk to musicians.
Anyone need an intern?
I figured I should try.

Okay so because it is spring break, I figured I would give you guys some warm weather songs to feel better about the cold.
Island in the Sun- Weezer
Walking on Sunshine- Katrina and the Waves
Summer Time- Sublime
Here Comes the Sun- the Beatles

I could put some rap songs in that, like Nelly or Sean Paul, but they deserve an entirely different playlist.

So if you’re wondering…what is Nicole doing on her spring break?
I am not spending in Delaware, unfortunately. (I’ll be home for Easter!)

I will be spending five days in Philadelphia doing service.

I will not have as much noise around me as I am used to but that will be a nice change.

Thanks for reading and stay warm!

Until next time,

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