Growth through the Pain

It’s a frigid Friday morning and my photography professor is covering sports journalism. The majority of my classmates hide behind their camera bags, texting away while scrolling through Twitter. Unaware and nonchalant, disrespecting their parent’s hard-earned tuition dollars. If only my life could be that simple..

While I focus on my professors lecture, I remind myself that I can’t remain in class much longer..Because within the next few minutes, Jimmy Blanco will be making his debut on campus, completely unaware of where the Banks Student Life Center is located..

And for that, I quietly excuse myself from my morning photography lecture and franticly begin my search for Jimmy…Sorry professor, I’ll explain later..

Fortunately, the universe works in mysterious ways, and my frantic search isn’t prolonged in the mountainous, harsh winter winds..

I believe I’ve spotted Jimmy but I’m prompted to do a double take as my mystery man initiates unwavering eye-contact. I analyze his persistent gaze and distinct appearance.. A light brown Carhartt jacket atop a camouflage Duck Dynasty cap.

Camo and Carhartt, I’ve found Jimmy Blanco. And evidently he’s quite talented in blending into the desolate countryside that is Dallas, PA. Well done Jimmy, you’re the first rapper that could ever begin to imagine puling off this exclusive ensemble with finesse and ease.

Enough about fashion, lets get down to the music. After my one on one with Jimmy, it was clear that there’s so much more to Blanco than the eyes can see.

Use your ears and you’ll find a man who’s endured mishaps while managing to learn from each one. Jimmy expressed during our interview that: “Everything is going to be hard, adversity builds character. Out of all the mistakes I’ve made in my life, without those mistakes..I wouldn’t be who I am…I had to grow, and I had to hurt for me to learn. Now that I know better, it’s mistakes that I won’t make.”

Undoubtably, he’s an old soul who is able to create innovative content stemming from both his past and present experiences. More importantly, Jimmy Blanco is imperfectly human, but he utilizes these imperfections to make perfect music…

Jimmy’s mixtape “Tell em Jimmy Said It” encompasses these perfectionist truths through 21 tracks. Truth be told, Blanco has bold bars and heavy-hitting punchlines, listen too close and you’re bound for a coma.

Blanco is rap veteran who radiates the elemental essence of hip hip , whose flows are smooth, with a lyrical style that remains tailored to Blanco alone. Good luck filling his shoes.

His unique “awareness of the good and the bad” conveys throughout this mixtape and skillfully presents “subject matter that every man, woman, and child at some point will go through.”

*I can’t help myself* (Jimmy voice) but want more from Blanco. Be for a lookout for his latest feature on the “Game 7” mixtape that drops March 8, alongside “Blame it on Jimmy” which is highly anticipated for this spring.

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