Now That’s What I Call Music!

On February 19, 2014, the number one album on Billboard 200 charts is Now 49.
My first thought: WOW.

I know that they are STILL making this cds, and I’m curious to see how many there will be in total. Will we be seeing Now 1000?

The first Now cd in the United States was released in 1998. It features artists like the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, and Hanson as well as Harvey Danger, Everclear and Marcy’s Playground. I’m shocked to see a cd with MMM Bop on it AND Sex and Candy.

The first Now cd I remember having is Now 4, which has a tracklisting far less shocking than Now 1. This includes Mandy Moore and Blink 182.

The FIRST Now cd, as I am just now learning, was released in 1983. It began in Britain and other versions in other countries were released many years later. They are up to Now 86.

According to The Guardian website’s infographic, Now music is famous for “compiling chart hits good and bad, surviving the iPod shuffle/ Spotify era”.

The Guardian also says that the cds favor the biggest names, since they generate the biggest sales, but “it’s the blessed-one-offs that tend to give the strongest rushes of nostalgia”.

An review for Now 3 reads, “This long-running British series has shown chart strength since the introduction of a U.S. version in late 1998. As with the hit-focused radio formats to which it nods, not every track is likely to connect with every listener; those who applaud the eclecticism of, say, Total Request Live, however, will no doubt be happy to see Blink 182Garbage, and K-Ci & Jojo sharing space with theBackstreet Boys and Britney Spears. Packed with 18 tracks and running more than 70 minutes, Now 3 is also a fine place for the curious to catch up with the tunes that ruled the airwaves in the late summer of ’99. –Rickey Wright”

Side Note: Speaking of TRL, I always wanted to go there. I wanted to see it live more than anything. Unfortunately, when I went to the City, they had moved the show time up so I missed it. And then it was gone.

Would I go out and buy Now 49 or Now 86? Probably not. Would I go out and buy the first release of Now? Yes, I probably would.

The track listing for Now 49 includes Lorde, Pitbull, Luke Bryan, and surprisingly, the Morning Parade. Many more chart topping artists than I would expect. It seems to me that the earliest editions had the most variety.

How do you feel about the Now series? Do you love it? Do you wish they would stop making them? Are they the greatest things ever? Let me know.

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