Valentines Part Two

I’m currently writing this on Friday, February 14th. What is it about love songs? Why are we so obsessed? I hate you, I love you

I apologize in advance for the generalities I’m about to write. I’m only speaking from experience.

We watch romantic comedies, we read romance novels. If we aren’t dating someone, we wish we were. “You’re my other half”, “I’m lost without you” yada yada yada. Society has taught us that without a romantic partner, we are nothing. We will not be complete until someone holds our hand and kisses our cheeks and wishes us goodnight and tells us that they love us.

I’m just as guilty. I consider myself a romantic. I love romantic comedies. I love love.

So why do we love love songs?

According to psychology today, “It’s not necessarily the song itself, but the feeling from the song which gives them what they want. The experience associated with the song may be a bittersweet one, but individuals re-live the ‘sweet’ while desensitizing the ‘bitter.’”

As I write this, I can’t help but think of the song that goes like this, “I’m not gonna write you a love song, cus you asked for it.”

Why do we love love?

I keep coming back to this because I simply have no idea.

Maybe its the way we were taught. Maybe we’re programmed that way. Either way, we’re stuck like this.

I spent my Valentine’s day with a box of donuts, a pizza, and my loved ones.

How did you spend yours?

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Don’t be bitter, it’s just one day.


Thanks for reading!

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