I Applaude Michael Sam’s Bravery

Out of 1,600 NFL players, not one has come out as gay.

NFL prospect Micheal Sam came out last weekend stating he was gay, and his teammates at Missouri knew and supported him. Why can’t we do the same thing for him?

As a prospect, Sam has yet to show off what he can do at the NFL combine or Missouri’s combine. A big component to helping him get drafted in the early rounds in the NFL Draft.

Coming out as gay seems little to the life of Sam. The seventh of eight children, Sam has seen three siblings die and another two brothers end up in prison. He was raised mostly by his mother, but has lived some time with other families.

If anybody can overcome a burden in life, it is the defensive end from Missouri who deserves a shot at playing at the elite level.

Many have come out and supported his decision and saying he is a great player. However, history tells us differently within the league as they have had issues dealing with the same issue. Players have even come out and said they don’t want a gay teammate in the locker room with them.

Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated
Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

If the player has the ability to play sixteen games at the highest level and stay out of trouble off the field, who cares what his love life is like? Let the man play the game he is passionate about and support him along the way.

As a defensive player of the year in the SEC, which is argued to be the toughest division in college football, the man has proven himself in his college playing level. The NFL has never had to deal with this before as nobody has come out before the NFL draft claiming they were gay. They will have to handle this decision and quickly.

For the sake of the NFL and professional sports worldwide, we can only hope they handle this issue with respect and make playing the game comfortable for everybody. Fans may use it as fire when he plays away games, but I have faith the man will remain mentally strong and continue to play football at a very good level.

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