Because Valentine’s Day isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.

It isn’t always chocolate and kisses and roses.

It can be your favorite holiday or your most despised.

Here are the songs to reflect whatever your mood may be this valentine’s day.

First…sorry guys, but I have to…the love songs.

My favorite love songs are as follows:

1000 times a day by the early november. “A thousand times a day I tell you I love the way you sing. Even though it makes me cry, it’s my favorite time to be alive. And all I know is I feel lost without you…and every time I see you, I still hear trumpets.”

the way you do the things you do by the temptations. “as pretty as you are, you know you coulda been a flower. if good looks was a minute, you know that you could be an hour.”

and most recently I Would Still Love You by Kid President and Lennon and Maisy. “if every time you talked you got drool on your shirt, if you stopped using soap and started using dirt, oh i, i would still love you.”

Some songs for hope:

carry on by fun. “on our darkest days when we’re miles away, sun will come, we will find our way home.”

swim by jacks mannequin. “swim in the dark, there’s no shame in drifting, feel the tide shifting and wait for the spark”

home by phillip phillips. “if you get lost you can always be found”

Some angry songs:

she hates me by puddle of mudd. I’d include these lyrics but they have a swear word in it and I try to stay PG. This song is great to shout to though, I will testify.

cee lo green- f*** you. The title says it all.

some fun songs:

good charlotte- I don’t want to be in love. “Feel the beat now , if you’ve got nothing left, say I don’t wanna be in love ”

shania twain- man! i feel like a woman. “We don’t need romance-we only wanna dance, We’re gonna let our hair hang down”


So happy valentine’s day! Remember that even if you hate the holiday, it falls on a Friday. and who hates Fridays??


Until next time,


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