Leave sports be; they’re meant to be outdoors

As kids, we loved the idea of pond hockey, basketball on the courts, sandlot baseball, and backyard football. Do you seem a common theme? Yes, they’re all outdoors.

However, pro sports can’t bring that without people complaining. So therefore they should just move all sports inside and stop with the play 60 commercials advertising physical fun outdoors.

Photo courtesy of www.craveonline.com
Photo courtesy of www.craveonline.com

NHL was trying to spread the game of hockey to areas that aren’t known for the game. Los Angeles is a great example. The league now has the technology to create an ice rink in Dodgers Stadium in sunny LA, and have two teams play hockey at night with little to no complications. However, the city’s lovable baseball team, the Dodgers tweeted about the event making fun of the situation.

A few days later, in Yankee Stadium, they postponed the first game between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils due to the sun’s glare. They claimed players wouldn’t be able to see the puck well and make the plays fans were expecting to see. With that said, the league did the right thing, but the Twitter universe wasn’t happy with having to wait for the game to start.

Photo courtesy of www.forbes.com
Photo courtesy of www.forbes.com

In the same metro region, the Super Bowl was played in Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, home to the New York Giants and Jets. Leading up to the most prestigious game in all sports, many were concerned for the cold conditions and elements that came with the region for the three and half hour game. New flash, teams that get to the Super Bowl tend to have to go through some of the coldest areas in the United States including Denver, Seattle, the Midwest, North, and Northeast regions.

Everything worked out in the end, as temperatures in New Jersey were higher than Denver and Seattle at the time of kickoff. The snow didn’t hit until the following morning. However, the issue at hand is the fact that fans can’t accept different.

We live in a generation that is obsessed with the idea of watching the games on TV rather than experiencing the stadium atmosphere leading to NFL blackouts, and fans acting irrationally at the idea that a game is played in the cold or outside rather than in an arena.

So for a minute, if you ever played outside when you were younger, or maybe you still do, just remember the fun you had when playing these same sports in the same conditions because you once loved playing. Let these leagues reach out and have fun with what they do. Let’s get away from the television experience, and get an experience that we never thought was possible even ten years ago.

Arthur’s Pick ’em:
Oregon Ducks 80 @ (2) Arizona Wild Cats 76
(23) Gonzaga Bulldogs 77 @ (24) Memphis Tigers 75

Portland Trail Blazers 99 @ Indiana Pacers 97
Miami Heat 102 @ Golden State 98

Boston Bruins 3 @ St. Louis Blues 2
Vancouver Canucks 1 @ Montreal Canadiens 2

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