Cougar Radio Studio Sessions – Chris Fields

Worth the Wait

The anxiety is setting in and I can feel my heart rate skip nervously within my pulsating chest..I’m restless and it’s evident..I can’t help myself from checking the unforgiving wrath of the clock. Watching as the seconds, minutes, and hours pass while I sit and wait.

I’m sitting rigidly upon an old step stool that has somehow endured one too many half assed repairs and proudly reminiscences on it’s glory days. How it can even manage to support someone as scrawny as myself remains an unsolved mystery. Behold, the 8th wonder of the retail world.

It’s my day off from my monotonous part-time job. But I’m helplessly stranded within my local mall, at the same store that I manage whenever the generous higher ups from corporate decide to allot me with 10 overwhelming hours of work per week.

Despite my inner protest I’m here, but not to work…“Please, don’t recognize me or ask me to get off this sturdy stool” are the friendly thoughts I telepathically project at customers who I assume may need assistance.
Becoming an involuntary player within this waiting game while off the clock hits as hard as a flagrant foul. Truly, it’s the last place I want to be while I’m off schedule. So I sulk, and anxiously await the arrival of a local hometown hero. However, when I’m actually punching numbers, the place definitely has it’s perks. As a assistant manager, I’ve earned a great deal of autonomy, my expectations are never higher than most of my customers, and I’ve crossed paths with a few extraordinary individuals. Chris Fields being one.

My phone rings and luckily, it’s Chris, assuring me that he is right around the corner. Finally, I can relax and try to extinguish this blazing bitchiness that has torched my afternoon. I  cross my fingers, hoping that I can conduct this interview without coming off as miserable.

But now, the roles are reversed. I am too little too late because the look is written all over my face. Chris apologizes  sincerely as he approaches me, my bitchiness, and my store’s study stool. Naturally, I smile back, instantly forgiving him, because it’s hard to remain vexed at someone as charming as Fields. I’m certain his soulful eyes and captivating demeanor have broken quite a few hearts.

My stylish senses inherently prompt me to admire his laid-back designer IceCream sweatsuit, along with the quintessential gold chain that adorns his chest. No doubt he’s fashionably late, and that’s something I can always accept.
Without a moments hesitation, the entrepreneurial rapper, singer, and producer gets straight to business. He is well versed for the interview and a pleasure to probe with questions. His answers are introspective, upbeat, and showcase his musical genius.

So who is Chris Fields? Ask him yourself and he’ll confidently respond with “Chris Fields is an intellectual, hardworking, and dedicated person.”

These qualities are no facade and can be witnessed throughout Field’s many musical projects. Field’s intricate musical showmanship are incredibly intact within his “Lasers & Love,” “Phantom Muzik” series, and his fierce features stemming from his devout days with the rap collective, G.I.M.G.

In person and on tracks, Fields is able to convey these intellectual gifts and project them in a unique fashion that is unmatched elsewhere. His lyricism and presentation within his music is always something that baffles me.He is the only local artist that is both versatile while remaining true to himself. Pointblank, Fields has the game on lock and key.

Here’s proof…Chris can cultivate a club anthem like “Turn Up” and persuade even the prudest wallflower to turn up and twerk on all fours, and then turnaround and release a touching track like “Amnesia,” which gives his listeners a shocking and intimate account of his life’s most trying adversities. His mutidimensional creative energy is enough to engage, motivate, and entertain all of those around him.

Field’s versatility combined with his humble personality is yet another characteristic that makes Chris and his music that much more attractive. I’ve been scouting the local hip-hop scene for years, and I’ve yet to encounter an individual as down to earth and talented as Chris. He’s brushed shoulders and opened shows for the industries most prominent names. Still, at the end of the day, Chris remains humble.

Our interview concludes with Chis sharing the trials and tribulations of a “staving artist” along with the recent storms of violence that have devastated our area. His soulful eyes reveal a glimpse of anxious hope that I predict will help to motivate him during his conflicting present.

He mention’s that he has been working diligently for his big break for some time now and is growing restless. I mentally picture Field’s promising artistic abilities and his unprecedented work-ethic. If any rapper has a chance of rising above the local scene, it’s Fields. Somethings, and people however, are always worth waiting for.

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