Sleighed by These Tracks

This week at the station, I received adds including Christmas music. This is huge. I LOVE Christmas. I love the spirit, I love the lights, I love the snow, I love Santa, I love the giving and warmth, I just love it all. And I ESPECIALLY LOVE THE SONGS. So much that I had to use caps. I know I’m going to upset a few people because Thanksgiving is Thursday and I’m skipping right over it, but I can’t help it. I’m way too excited.

Here is my (sloppy) review of Sleighed (all original tracks), by Various Artists put out by Light Organ Records courtesy of Vitriol.
1. FAKE SHARK REAL ZOMBIE “Winona Ryder Hates Christmas”- yes
2. FREDERICK “All I Want For Christmas”- not this time
3. MOUNTIES “Merry Christmas Maybe”- yes
4. JPNSGRLS “Red & Green”- yes
5. THE FUGITIVES “New Years In Sochi”- yes
6. JOHNNY PAYNE “Green & Gold”- yes
7. THE MATINEE “My Gift”-yes
8. NAT JAY “Green Trees Red Hearts”-yes
9. THE ZOLAS “Snow”-yes

Is it surprising that I like just about all of the tracks? Nope! If you’re interested in detailed reviews of a certain track, just comment below and I’ll gladly write.

Thanks for the wonderful adds!

Now go off and enjoy a wonderful turkey or ham or whatever bird you like to eat and think about all that you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!


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