The Science of Sound

Picture your life without music..

Can you? I admit it it, I could not survive  a single day on this planet without it.

Music is more to me than just just rhythmic words, it is the expression of humanity, a collection of cultures, an unique and emotional experience that makes my life here worthwhile.

One of the most fascinating facts concerning the art of music is the healing properties it holds.

Researchers have found that music effects humans physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Miraculously, musical sound waves are scientifically proven to expand human consciousness.

This healing begins with the basic understanding of music’s scientific nature. Basically, music  is sound. This sound then vibrates at specific frequencies. All frequencies, or sounds, are proven to significantly impact matter. A great example of this scientific truth is featured within this video:

During this experiment, Dr. Masaru Emoto exposes music, various words, pictures, and videos to water. The water used within this groundbreaking experiment then becomes crystalized and reveals the sound’s frequencies fascinating results.

Given this information, contemplate the sounds surrounding your daily life..

Are they reflective of your long term goals and current state of being? Is the music you listen to beneficial to your overall health?

Remember,you are one big conscious being made up of physical matter. The words you speak, and the sounds you hear give off omit frequencies. These same frequencies effect your physical and spiritual state.

Listen carefully.




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