Spring has Sprung, Big Time Concert

Hey Guys! How ya doing? I’m just trying to get used to this chilly November air…winter is coming! But I’ll talk about my love for that way later.

So, we at Cougar Radio hold an annual Beats for a Benefit Concert, usually during Spring Weekend. Spring Weekend is a fun filled event sponsored by SGA (Student Government Association) at Mis. This year, things will be different. See, SGA decided it would be neat to have a spring concert…completely unrelated to our Beats for a Benefit concert. They paired up with Student Activities and are currently in the process of planning for this concert, which will be during Spring Weekend.

I know you’re wondering, “WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO COUGAR RADIO’s CONCERT??” Don’t worry! It will just be held a few weeks later.

This week we received an email with a poll in it. “Vote for Spring Concert! We want your input!” There are ten choices, and you may vote for up to 5. Each artist has a YouTube link attached with a song. Here are the choices:

Asher Roth (accompanied by Last Man Standing ft Akon)
Breathe Carolina (Black Out)
Cartel (Honestly)
Jana Kramer( Why You Wanna)
Jessie James (I Look So Good [Without You])
Mike Stud (In This Life)
The Cab (Bad)
The Maine(Everything I Ask for)
The Ready Set(Love Like Woe)
We the Kings(Check Yes Juliet)

My immediate reaction: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Who did I vote for? The Maine, We The Kings, The Cab, Cartel, and Asher Roth.

I’m not the biggest fan of Breathe Carolina. It’s too electro-pop for me.

I admit, I only know “I Love College” by Asher, but people love him. It’s very likely he will end up here. I did not know who Jana Kramer or Mike Stud were, so I listened to them. Jana is a country singer while Mike is a rapper. Jessie James is very poppy…and then we have the alternative/pop-punk bands.

I have seen Cartel, The Cab, The Ready Set, and We the Kings live.

I’d say I’ve seen WTK the most. I never get sick of their sound. They actually played at Marywood, a college in Scranton very recently.

I like The Maine the best. They originally were very pop-punk, but then they got older and changed their sound. And as I got older, I enjoyed the sound. In fact, they’re releasing a new album next month, and their previous album is selling for only $4.99 (!!!) I haven’t bought it yet, but I will for Christmas. So…yes, I adore them.

So.. John, Kennedy, Pat, Garrett, Jared…if you do come here, let’s hang. We can talk about when you played at the Grange in Delaware or all of the Philly shows or Warped Tour…or we could talk about Cheetos. I don’t know.
I’m really pulling for you guys.
Okay. My inner fan girl is coming out. Time to go.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week,

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