The World Series May Remain A Classic

Sports has a much different image of what it means to the average American than it did fifty years ago.

Baseball is nicknamed “America’s Pastime” and with good reason. It can’t keep up with football.

Football is now America’s Present if you will. It does not matter what teams are in the Super Bowl. This year 108 million people tuned into the sixty minutes of football. There is nothing special about either team, it is not like we were watching for one of the teams to go down as the greatest of all time (looking at you 2007 Patriots.) No, instead it was two teams that have a good franchise history looking to make it richer.

Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News
Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News

Baseball does not have that type of fan base anymore. With it competing with NFL on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday, as well as NCAA games on Saturday, and the beginning of NHL and NBA, there is no way the fans will tune into a game that is not relevant to them anymore.

There are fans country wide for both the Red Sox and Cardinals as they both serve as a top five market for MLB in the country. However, the games will only be watched by the fans who are not at the game. Others would rather watch Thursday Night Football even with it be two mediocre teams at best.

Baseball has to figure out a way to compete with the other leagues. Even if they were to push games back a little earlier so people can watch the game at 5:00 and then tune into the football game at the end of the baseball game.

Photo Courtesy of Missourinet
Photo Courtesy of Missourinet

There is a lot of history on the line with this series and it’s a shame that MLB does not get nearly as much attention during their championship than the NFL does in a regular season match-up. This has to change and quickly before the ratings get to a point that baseball cannot get them back unless the New York Yankees are playing.

Arthur’s Pick ’em
Cowboys 27 @ Lions 17
Giants 17 @ Eagles 21
Jets 16 @ Bengals 27

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