All Time High: Band reaches Number One on Indie Charts

Hey Guys,
I was planning on discussing all of the top hits on the charts on Billboard, but upon clicking on the ‘Charts’ link, my plans changed. The number one Independent album, on the charts for 14 weeks, is Don’t Panic by All Time Low.

What is significant about this? All Time Low was my favorite band for a long time. Throughout middle school and high school, I adored them. I saw them in concert maybe 9 times. They got me to listen to Blink 182. They introduced me to pop punk music.

I still follow them on twitter. The last time I saw them perform, Warped Tour 2012, I was able to really see their audience- a bunch of screaming teenage girls. I felt old, which is weird because I’m not even 21. Normally I love swaying and moving with the crowd, but this time it was suffocating. And this was my moment I realized that All Time Low was no longer #1 in my heart.

However, this is exciting news. All Time Low are like old friends. When you see your friends doing really well, you feel good about it. All Time Low is not a very well-known band; only two songs (correct me if I’m wrong) played on the radio (which I would scream along to when they came on and the first time I heard it I squealed). And I’m listening to Don’t Panic as I write this!

Congrats guys. I know I’m just a nameless face in the crowd, but you’ve really made an impact on me.

Check out my favorite All Time Low tracks (in no particular order):
1. Coffee Shop Soundtrack
2. Jasey Rae
3. Remembering Sunday
4. Stella
5. That Girl
6. Merry Christmas (Kiss my Butt*)

*The word is not actually butt.

And watch this hilarious video of
I Feel Like Dancin’


“Maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s gonna be my year.”


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