Festival Here for the Next 10 Years- Hello Dover!

Hey Guys,

Hello, I’m In Delaware! (Does anyone know that song?)  I’m spending my weekend at home, thanks to our fall break, and this blog will be about the Firefly Music Festival, which takes place in Dover, DE.

This year I was a volunteer. My section was called: Sustainable Beats. What is that, you may ask? Trash duty. I was assigned to the Backyard Stage, a smaller area towards the volunteer campsites. I spent my shift picking up beer cans and water bottles, nacho trays and random toilet paper from the porta potties. The worst part was carrying the trash bags to the dumpster. I still have garbage juice stains on my shirts (and they’ve been washed countless times).

So even though I was smelly and sweaty, I believe that I had the best gig.

Since the stage was far away from the others, there weren’t as many people around. Less people equals less trash equals a more manageable and cleaner area. I received an astonishing amount of “thank-you’s”, and some people even picked up trash from the ground and put them in my bags.

Being on trash duty, you run around the grounds. You can pause and enjoy the band on the stage. There is some down time that you can wait and relax. You don’t have to constantly work, you just have to do your job. I was able to enjoy bands that I had never heard of, like He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, and bands I really like, such as 21 pilots.

I was not able to hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but that was my own fault. I had work in the morning, so I was up at 5am. Then I made sure I was constantly doing my job during my shift, leaving me dehydrated and drained. I sacrificed the Chili Peppers for my health, and even though I love them, I made the right decision.

On Saturday I worked the early shift, which allowed me to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Tom Petty and many more. Eddy Sharpe was my absolute favorite. The energy was great and their harmonies were incredible. In fact, I wanted to cry because it was so beautiful. As for Tom Petty, I was able to see him and the Heartbreakers with my mom and dad. That was a great time. I won’t forget the huge cloud of smoke coming from the crowd when he played Last Chance for Mary Jane. Ha.

I was not able to see Foster the People because I worked the late shift Sunday and had to clean up the Backyard Stage. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Will I do this again? Absolutely.

I can’t wait for next summer’s festival.

Thanks for reading!

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