C’mon Cano, Dontcha Know?

Robbie Cano must not have taken notes from players of his generation. With players such as Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols each getting ten year deals worth more than $200 million, they haven’t even lived up to the deal. It doesn’t look like they will either.

Robinson Cano came out earlier this week stating he will be looking for a ten year deal worth over $300 million dollars. Are you kidding me?!

Rodriguez in his prime had much more promise with his playing skills than Cano could ever dream of possessing. Don’t get me wrong, I think Cano is one heck of a second basemen for the Yankees, and he is the present and future of the team. However, he and nobody else in professional sports is worth that kind of money. The sooner he realizes this, the better off he’ll be.

Cano is likely to get a major deal from the Yankees so the team can keep him in the Bronx. I however, cannot see the Yankees being pushovers like they were in 2007 when Rodriguez opted out of his initial deal requesting more money for another ten years with the organization.

On top of it being an outrageous amount of money, the Yankees too are looking to make some key changes with the team. This year would mark the second time in the last nineteen years the team has not made the playoffs. I can’t imagine them investing that money around him and as a team missing the playoffs not only this year but for years to come.

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Cano needs to realize that this attention is not something he needs. Leave that to A-Rod to care of. What Cano should do is sit his butt down with the execuitives of wherever he wants to play, listen to what they have to say, and sign a contract.

There is a lot of upside to Cano, but it won’t last ten years.

If only he had the head of Derek Jeter in him, he’d stay in New York and stay quiet about the things that he can’t control.

Arthur’s Pick ’em:
Bears 17 @ Lions 20
Seahawks 27 @ Texans 17
Patriots 20 @ Falcons 23

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