Warped 2013

Hey Guys.

As I mentioned last week, I love my Warped summers. Normally they’re hot and sticky, but this past year was the FIRST time it was overcast all day and comfortable. The rain didn’t come until around 4pm, and luckily I didn’t get caught in the downpour. I decided to wear my brand new sneakers from Target, which look just like Vans. Unfortunately, they are very thin and when wet, they shrank. My feet were not very happy.

So enough of that boring stuff. Let’s talk about the bands. I was able to see: Anarbor, Forever the Sickest Kids, Go Radio, Motion City Soundtrack, Story of the Year, 3oh!3, The Early November, Escape the Fate and others I cannot remember. I don’t listen to these bands much nowadays, but it was a huge taste of nostalgia for me.

One by one: I used to jam out to Anarbor in my car, so I knew I’d like the sound. I noticed that one of the guitar players looked extremely familiar…it was Josh from Every Avenue! I have a picture with him from YEARS ago, and I’ve seen Every Avenue more times than I can count. That was a nice treat.

Forever The Sickest Kids was “the most exciting part” of Warped for my friend. See, they were playing at 4. When it was pouring. My sister, her friend and I were prepared with our ponchos (and my sunglasses to prevent the rain from irritating my contacts). I spent that show dancing, looking at the ground. It was pretty neat to see everyone getting soaked and being so happy to be there. I however just wished I had never left the amphitheater.
Go Radio! The lead singer is the old Mayday Parade singer and I love “Goodnight Moon”. Story of the Year…all I can say is, “until the die, I spill my heart for you.” I am a little embarrassed to admit how much I enjoyed 30h!3’s act. I sang along to all of their songs and danced like a lunatic. I really enjoyed the Early November, but I was disappointed because they didn’t play my two favorite songs, “Hair” and “1000 Times A Day”.

Escape the Fate surprised me the most for many reasons. I forgot how many of their songs I knew and enjoyed. They opened up with a bunch of fans on the stage, wearing those skin suit-masks. They also threw out color powder which made a neat color cloud when the base dropped.

Now, bands that I wish I saw: William Beckett, Wallpaper, Silverstein, Relient K, Reel Big Fish, Juliet Simms, I Can Make A Mess Like Everyone’s Business, I See Stars, Bowling for Soup, Big D and the Kids Table and (get ready) Allstar Weekend.

Bands I’m Glad I Didn’t See:
Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me the Horizon, and…that’s all. 🙂

So next year, my goal is to discover new bands, listen to just a few classics, AND FINALLY CROWD SURF.

Until next time,

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