Punk Rock Summer



Hey guys.

We’ve had some pretty great (ha) weather the past few days..the 90 degrees plus humidity took me right back to summer. Immediately my mind thinks, “I couldn’t wait for the summer at the Warped Tour..”, a Blink 182 lyric. Warped Tour, I love you.
If you don’t know what Warped Tour (I’m going to shorten it to Warped) is, their Facebook page explains it as, “America’s longest running touri

ng festival concert tour”. According to the About section on Facebook, they have introduced fans to everyone from Eminem to Katy Perry to No Doubt to My Chemical Romance and so many more.
I have been attending Warped since 2007, specifically at the Camden NJ venue. There are only a few things I remember. Boys Like Girls and A

ll Time Low played inside, my dad was there with my sister and I, and my sister wore and lost her flip flops. This Warped was significant to me because it was the first time I saw All Time Low play live. The only song I knew really well was Dear Maria (Count Me In) because they had recently posted it on their Myspace page, using a duck with a blue background as the icon in the corner. I knew that I enjoyed Warped and I’d be there another year.
My memories of the n

ext years are all blurred together, so I’ll tell you what I can. I once got caught in a Circle of Death. Terrifying. What is that, yo

u may ask? A mosh pit (where guys and girls ‘dance’ and jump and swing their fists and legs and shove each other) where first, they make a huge opening by pushing everyone in the already tight crowd back, and then run full speed at each other. Luckily my sister pulled me out of the way before I was trampled.
I have been kicked in the head, elbowed in the face, had bodies crush me (crowd surfers), been doused in sweat, rain, dirt, and I have enjoyed it all. I love concerts. I love being a part of the crowd, everyone close together screaming along with the bands, feeling the energy, losing my voice and my hearing, all that jazz.
If you haven’t checked it out, do so. The tour comes to Columbia, MD; Camden, NJ; Scranton, PA; Pittsburgh, PA and a lot more venues. They have a lot of bands playing from noon to nine at night. You can also skateboard there, if you want. And you’ll always see interesting characters there. As Owl City and Carly Rae say it, it’s always a good time.
And next week, I’ll tell you all about how I felt with the 2013 Warped line up and experience.
For more information, check out vanswarpedtour.com


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