I’d like to thank Mark Zuckerberg for this one

Gia Mazur

About two years ago, I noticed that most of my Facebook friends were celebrities. Yes, everyone I knew was either becoming a model, a DJ, or starting a band.

 I received tons of invites to “Like” these people’s pages and I was always less than enthused when I got there and looked at/heard their work.

Just Blush came into my sight around that same time and I sighed as I clicked on their page.

“Here’s another shitty band of kids my age on the Internet,” I said to myself.

I clicked on their media player to listen to their music.


These kids were good. Not only good, but awesome. The music was a little complex, but not so much that it would go over your head. And it was catchy. I have a lot of respect for them. I immediately liked them.

So, as I was driving from Dickson City back to Dallas, I called Nick and Todd from Just Blush to talk about the band.

“We were like, ‘You know what, we’re musicians. We have bass, we have drums, we have guitars we have vocals. Let’s get it all together and see what it sounds like,’” says Nick, who plays drums of the band’s infant stages.

From there, they began writing and eventually recorded a demo in 2010. When their original bassist left the band to go to college, they found Abby Vail. (“She was the band’s life saving in that way,” says Nick.)

They continue writing, in what lead singer Todd refers to as “jam-based,” with everyone coming to practice with ideas and trying them out. Todd tells me he has a notebook with lyrics ideas and lead guitar player Andrew will come with the music.

“Todd’s a poet, whereas Andrew is like a music mechanic. He’ll write an entire song and present it to us,” says Nick. “He’ll never out any lyrics to it, he doesn’t want to. He’s strictly a music technician. That’s what he’s the best at. I love working with him because of that.”

As I continue my journey on Route 81 South, I start to talk with Nick and Todd about other local band A Fire With Friends and we begin bonding over our mutual love for them.

When I say, “bonding” I mean freaking out and yelling about how great we think they are.

“We enjoy the hell out of playing with those guys. We’re huge fucking fans. They are my favorite local group. Period. End of Story. No one even comes close. No one is in the running to be my favorite, its A Fire With Friends,” says Nick.

It’s funny because Just Blush sometimes reminds me of AFWF, in the respect that they make good indie rock. But, Just Blush has their own sound, with very clean guitars that sound beachy and surf-y. They sound like they should have been featured on The O.C. (If you don’t know what that is, it was a teen drama on Fox from 2003-2006, known for it’s angsty teen characters and FANTASTIC soundtracks. GOOGLE IT.)

“It’s a lot of fun and it’s something that we love to do,” says Todd about the band. “I don’t look at it in terms of pursuing a record deal. Whatever happens – happens.”

Whatever they decide to do, I am still a fan and I’m so very grateful they proved me wrong.

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