I’ve been busy…

It’s been a busy three weeks since I started my show, The Secret Basement. Not just from doing my show but in my personal life as well. Just last week my girlfriend gave birth to my fifth child, Raiden Makoto Kellmer. I have also been co-hosting another show on Wednesdays at noon with Callen Clark called The Beat where we discuss today’s music news as well as doing the in-studio duties for every Misericordia Football game. To add to this list the rest of my time is consumed by being both CougarRadio’s production manager and The Highlander’s web editor.Oh yeah, I also go to class.

Putting all of my other duties aside I have been trying to attack the local metal scene by force. I have had both TheWay and Purveyor come into the studio for band interviews. Both bands are pretty busy with working on getting an EP out as well as playing shows. One of the biggest shockers to me was the discovery that TheWay draws inspiration from video game music especially Metroid. During their interview we actually had a discussion on midis stemming from this discovery. It just goes to show you that one never knows what may turn up in a conversation with a metal band.

Last night four of the members of Silhouette Lies came by to talk shop. Although they didn’t go into great detail about video games like TheWay, they did mention it as a source of inspiration as well as as horror movies, novels, comic books, and even auto mechanics. Wherever they are getting inspiration from it seems to be working. I really enjoyed the two songs that I played from their debut EP, which took two years of song writing to complete. If you ask me it was well worth the wait.

Another album that has currently been brought to my attention is The Faceless’ current offering Autotheism. The entire disk shows strong song writing with tight and feverish guitars. One thing that is also prominently featured in this album is the use of the double bass drum and i am absolutely in love. The first three songs feel as one, helping the listener to get lost in a sea of ever moving metal going from one catastrophic wave to another until finally being gently placed back on the  beach of consciousness.

I have several bands lined up for the coming weeks but I do have some holes in my schedule. If anyone is in or knows of a band please let me know as I am always looking for great metal, even when I’m busy.

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