Any of you have an extra glow stick I could borrow?

Gia Mazur

EDM is kind of awesome.

I don’t really understand it and I wouldn’t be able to tell you what song is by what artist, but I can tell you that it makes me feel good.

It makes me want to chew on glowsticks, roll around in neon paint, sweat and glitter, and pretend I am a cast member of the movie TRON.

Yep. I’m just happy when I listen to it.

Anyway, last semester, I interviewed DJ Cheyne Michaels about his Dj-ing (I still haven’t figured out if that’s a real word or if I’m making it up) and about finding his sound. Cheyne was incredibly cool and I liked his music he let me listen to.

This week, Cheyne and I touched base on what’s going on with him and his newly relased EP Sonic Bliss.

Cheyne tells me Sonic Bliss’ sound came from a good hook or a sound popping into his head, while he was working or at the beach. As soon as he got home, he would try his best to recreate it in the studio.

“When you listen to the EP you’re going to hear a lot of different styles and feels because most of the songs are based on how I felt at the time of thinking of them,” he said. “You can really feel the mood I was in when I was producing certain tracks while you listen to it. I think it’s going to give listeners a great feel when checking it out.”

Cheyne told me last semester that every EDM artist has a distinct sound and was working on finding his own.

“I think im very, very close,” he said, laughing.”All my tracks have a happy ‘bop my head and jump up and down’ kind of feel and I really love that.”

Cheyne said his sound he tries to produce is a “happy atmosphere,” and tries to incorporate the EDM culture into all of his tracks.

“You have the heavy kick drum keeping everything in sync, the driving synth and bass leading the melodies and other cool sounds I created to back up everything else,” he said.
When asked who his favorite artists are right now, he said that it’s Swedish House Mafia, because “they have been doing EDM before the world knew it was EDM.”
“The songs they write just have amazing feels to them that I don’t think any one else could even think about recreating,” he said. “They are truly pioneers of the genre.”
As for the future, Cheyne is working on a full length album he hopes to release in May and gearing up to see Swedish House Mafia this March in Madison Square Garden for their final tour.
“It’s going to be the rave of the century,” Cheyne said.
Party on, kid.
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