I Love That Dirty Water… Valley You’re My Home

Well let me start my introducing myself. I am Josh Horton a junior communications student at the prestigious university known as Misericordia. When I am not being rambunctious inside the arches, chances are I am working my life away doing what I love, covering sports.

Whether it be little league, high school, or an International League baseball game, the one thing I noticed is there is always a story. Is the story always easy to find? No, that’s what makes this job fun.

For example Misericordia opened its own version of football history with a 70-0 loss to Gettysburg College. The story wasn’t made in either end zone. In fact, the story was made the minute I walked out of my little Pontiac G5 and began walking towards the press box. During my travels I ran an into Dave Martin (Misericordia Athletic Director) He told myself, Dom Dellos, Scott Colin, and Tom Ferguson of ESPN Radio Williamsport that coach Mark Ross and his team became winners when they sent the opening kick deep into enemy territory.

Although the Bullets ran the kick back 89 yards, the fact that after two years of endless recruiting, drills with no pads, and lots of weight training was simply amazing. When Mark Ross was hired just less than two years ago he probably didn’t realize what he was getting himself into. The Cougars suit up more than 50 freshman every Saturday when the majority of their opponents don’t even play freshman. It’s like going into the jungle with nothing but a spoon to protect yourself. It’s nearly impossible to be successful.

With that being said, it is stories like Misericordia stepping on the field for a varsity football game, without even scrimmaging another team that make what I do worth while.

So, what exactly will I be doing with this blog and with my radio show every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 AM? Well, I will talking about all things related to the colleges, which line the everything but gorgeous Susquehanna River. My hope is that my words will be a little clearer than the visibility of NEPA’s favorite body of water.

Throughout this semester, maybe more depending on how ambitious I am, I will tell you everything you need to know about Kings College, Misericordia University, and Wilkes University athletics. My original plan was to cover the entire MAC Conference and give myself the moniker of the “MAC Daddy.” For as cool as that sounded, I value the three hours of free time I get each week and hope to keep them. Therefore, I decided to localize my coverage. Trust me, it will be much more in depth than if I had tried to cover the whole conference.

I hope you will join me each day and maybe even read the things I type or hear the things I have to say. Notice I didn’t say learn the things I write and listen to what I have to say, that will be up to you. I may not be able to suit up on Saturdays and run out of the tunnel, but I can definitely grab my MacBook and share with you the joy that is Division-III athletics. I hope you enjoy the ride, because after the murky Susquehanna River does run through my coverage area.


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