Step 1: Find Bands

For this school year I wanted to do something old and new at the same time as well as giving some love to an old mistress of mine, Heavy Metal. I have been in love with the metal since I was about seven with Twisted Sister’s I Wanna Rock. Since then I’ve gotten into much harder stuff but always keep that song dear to my heart.

I decided that since every college radio station in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area has at least one block of metal programming every week Misericordia University needed one too. However I believe because of my love for metal but when brought the idea to my superior the show was green lit so I get to go off to metal stardom. Unfortunately being told you can have a show doesn’t mean you have a show. I needed to come up with a premise, formula, and content.

I’ve done a metal show before at a local community college but that was just playing songs and talking about random stuff in between. I needed a full concept so I went the easy route (or so I thought), get local bands to come in. That’s easy enough, I’ll interview them for awhile and play their music making everyone happy in theory. However, I’ve been out of the local metal scene for some time now so I had to start from scratch.

I decided to make Facebook my tool of choice and it worked, that’s how I got tonight’s guest, TheWay. They’ll be in the station talking about what they do and answering my questions.

Problem is I need at least 13 bands not just one, at least one per show so I can fill the entire semester. Facebook was working but after five or six bands I kind of hit a stalemate that was until I came across Purveyor anyway.

The lead singer Matt Juice got in touch with me after I messaged the band on Facebook. He wanted me to come to the band’s practice on Friday but I already had plans so he mentioned that they were playing a bar in North Scranton called The New Penny Lounge on Saturday. So I decided to take the trek from Hazleton to meet with them there.

The New Penny Lounge is an old dive bar on North Main Street that regularly has hard rock and metal bands play on the weekends. When I first walked in I immediately felt cramped due to it’s small size but was extremely happy with the mix of people. Places like this generally have a plethora of old white guys just staring at each other, but this had men and women of different ethnicity enjoying themselves and the music.

The bands were set up in the back of the bar. The New Penny has no stage allowing for the crowd to stand right next to the band. There was at least two or three instances where a random person just started speaking into the mic. There was also a bassist who’s girlfriend kept walking up to him and poring shots down his throat while he was playing, fun times.

Going to the show did help me complete my task of confirming Purveyor for next week’s show, September 17th. It also helped me with networking. Apparently its been going around that I’ve been messaging bands about being on a metal show, but now that some of the musicians have met me I actually have some credibility now.

One of the other bands I spoke to that showed interest in doing my program was Pissed and Miserable. They are a decent band that does metalesque covers and has a fan that I swore was Michael Chiklis but have convinced myself otherwise. I included a photo of so you can decide for yourself.

I hope everyone enjoys my show tonight at 9 p.m. and tells their friends to listen in on Cougar Radio.

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