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The anticipated line up has finally been announced! There is also one big change to Firefly this year: no more volunteers. If you want to help with the festival, you may now apply to work the festival. There are two options: work part-time and pay a discounted ticket price, or[…]


Happy post valentine’s day! Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it? Tell me all about it! I got my favorite girl scout cookies, Thin Mints, so I am a happy camper. Unfortunately, Cupid also bit me and got me sick but forgot the love part.  I have created a[…]


I watched the entire four hour celebration marking the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live. I could not pull myself away. I was irked that Sarah Palin was interviewed on the red (blue?) carpet. But I was thrilled shortly after to see Eddie Murphy followed by more excellent cast members[…]