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I’ve got an addiction, and surprisingly I’m not referring to one of my many weekend vices. This addiction however, will be accompanying me throughout this hectic school week and my impending weekend indulgences… This very peculiar addiction has manifested itself boisterously inside my boat/car hybrid, it’s discovered the hospitality of[...]


and I just can’t hide it. So instead, I’ll write about it. I have ALWAYS loved school. This time of the year is so exciting! Only 14 more days until I’m back in Dallas, PA. It’s amazing that I am this excited to start my senior year, and I’m not[...]

Image provided by The Dark Room at the Baltimore Sun

Hey! Nicole here, enjoying this beautiful “polar vortex”. I missed spring this year, so the 80 degree weather is a wonderful thing. Speaking of wonderful things, I would like to talk about the summer jams I really have been enjoying. I listen to the radio every day as I drive[...]

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